Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a process that enhances the enamel and dental color to achieve a beautiful, radiant smile. Many factors influence the color of the teeth. The most prominent are genetic disposition, aging, exposure to external substances that cause dental stains such as tea, coffee, whey drinks. Cigarettes also have a large proportion of unwanted tooth coloring. Antibiotics used in childhood during tooth development. And if the tooth breaks out, it will not reflect its color.

Our office carries out teeth whitening products from Opalescence, www.opalescence.com. With this brand we have many years of experience. Tooth whitening can be done in the office or you can take a home-use kit from us. What method is best for you, what to do when bleaching and what to expect from a doctor or dental hygienist. Before bleaching, it is imperative to treat all dental decay and to remove tartar and possible external pigmentation. This is a safe process that does not damage teeth or soft tissue. The only side effect we have been in patients since 1995, since we have been whitening teeth, has been the increased sensitivity of the tooth through the whitening process. However, the sensitivity disappears within two days of termination of the procedure or after a fluoride preparation by a physician.