Informations after insertion of the implant

For good healing and postoperative period without complications, please follow these recommendations:

  • Rinse week 3 times a day 2 minutes (carp) Corsodyl Mint 0.2% .minimal 2 weeks
  • Do not clean the field for 1 week, clean the other teeth thoroughly after each meal, but at the earliest 12 hours after implantation (risk of bleeding).
  • After 1 week after each meal, clean the solo, or single-bladed brush (without paste), and the implants of the implants. The implanted cap must be shiny. For the other teeth, use a soft brush (Soft) and low abrasive toothpaste.
  • Every 8 hours take the prescribed antibiotic. Dalacin C 16x300mg cps
  • Do not overload the implant, do not crush the implant.
  • If you have pain, you will immediately take 1 analgesic tablet - Aulin, especially the first 2 to 3 days (maximum 1 tablet every 5-6 hours).
  • If you have high temperature immediately call (+420) 274782260
  • When the surgical wound bleeds, bite the clean cloth handkerchief. Stay for about 15 minutes until the bleeding stops. If there is a severe bleeding, seek medical first aid (hospital).
  • Visit my office tomorrow, then call on (+420) 274782260
  • After surgery, the jaw should be cooled externally (against swelling and pain). We recommend ice tiling (over a handkerchief) or frozen vegetables (peas, corn) again through a handkerchief. Warming up, sunbathing and warming is not recommended!
  • At least 3 hours after surgery, do not eat or drink and do not smoke for at least 5 hours. At least 2 to 3 days do not eat hard food, a soft slurry is recommended. Reduce your intake of alcohol and smoking, coffee, black tea and fresh dairy products.
  • Restrict the first 3 days after surgery to physical activity and stress.
  • Do a soft and not too hot meal a week after surgery. Do not chew at the surgery site.
  • After surgery, do not lie down for the first 5-6 hours, rest in the sitting or in the middle.
  • At least 2 days do not eat Aspirin, Acylpyrin, etc., increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Removal of stitches is not necessary, sewing material itself takes 7 to 14 days to absorb and fall - do not remove stitching yourself!
  • In the following cases, call us at (00420) 274782260: you have severe pain, your stitching has fallen off earlier, you have a bad smell from your mouth, a strong bleeding, a sore throat, you have a fever, an approval or a general weakness. You still feel a jaw, you have a sore throat (in the upper implants).
  • If the cover screw is released, immediately visit the dental office.