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    Every patient is our business card and his health and satisfaction is our priority

Department of Dentistry

Professional care using modern materials and technologies.

Treatments at a certain time

Patients are arranging the treatment term for a certain time we are trying to keep.

Professional staff

Our professional and experienced staff will take care of your teeth.

Fair prices

The attending physician will get the complete price list.

Our capacities are full

😥We are currently unable to accept new patients. We can only offer dental hygiene services and teeth cleaning training for children and adults.

Your smile - our best ad!

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible professional care using modern materials and technologies in a comfortable environment . Such treatment can not be done under the pressure of health insurance companies in the Czech Republic, so our practice does not have a contract with health insurance companies. If a patient is treated for treatment, it requires not only the high quality of care provided but also the appropriate approach that we are fully aware of. Every patient is our business card and his health and satisfaction is our priority.

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Our services

Preventive inspection

Preventive approach is essential in the care of your healthy teeth ...

Dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene is an integral part of dental care ...

Dental recall

Possible to send a regular health care notification ...

Teeth whitening

It is a process that improves enamel and dental coloring ...

Dental ceramics

Ceramic crowns and ceramic facets..

Dental implants

Replace missing teeth with implants ...

Treatment of dental canals

If it occurs as a result of tooth decay or periodontitis ...

Treatment of tooth decay

Gentle caries of tooth decay