Treatment of dental aesthetics using laboratory ceramic crowns.

Crowns are made for a great tooth damage or for aesthetic reasons. Most commonly we use all-ceramic crowns and metal-ceramic crowns. The treatment is done in two visits, on the first visit it is necessary to grind the tooth and make a print that we send to the lab. You leave the surgery with a temporary crown that prevents the movement of adjacent teeth and mechanically protects the prepared tooth. After 10 days, that is, the time required by the laboratory, we will hand over your new crowns after removing the provisor.

Adjustment of dental aesthetics using ceramic facets

Ceramic facets are a suitable solution for aesthetic treatment of the front of the teeth, whether due to the shape of the teeth, their damage or permanent undesirable discolouration. They require a smaller tooth preparation, they are also made in a dental laboratory, so two visits to the surgery are needed.

Examples of our work.