If endodontic treatment occurs due to dental caries or periodontitis, the root canal (dental nerve) is damaged and infected. As a result of the infection, the tooth dies and, after a certain period of time, the tissue under the teeth of the pouch is damaged, including possible further damage to the gum, bone and overall body damage. Endodontic treatment is a complicated and demanding procedure we ALWAYS perform in local anesthesia. After diagnostic digital X-ray, which tells us how the root canal counts and patterns are, the tooth is isolated by the membrane. Then, by rotating the corrupted tooth, the hole will be punctured into the marrow cavity and root canal localization. This is followed by a manual and machine treatment of the canal, followed by a hermetic closure of the tooth, which prevents bacteria from re-entering. Once the canal is filled, the doctor performs the X-ray inspection. At the end, we will make a filling or a larger crown damage